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Cody Hoeffert, Co-Chair of the Republican Party of Iowa, Lyon County

We are lucky to have someone in Des Moines fighting for Northwest Iowa values. John represents this district and its constituents with a level head and a willingness to listen to all points of view. His conservative voting record  and commitment to our state's financial success makes him an outstanding leader who I am proud to support. 

Mark Naccum, Dickinson County

As a businessman who coaches all manner of Senior Leaders in a variety of sectors I get to judge the effectiveness Leaders nationally. There is no better to represent our part of the State than John Wills. I have known John for years and I can say he is one of the most solid Leader you will ever find. His Iowa work ethic, understanding of economics and positive impact on Iowa, and his loyalty to the people of this State is most impressive. He rolls up his sleeves, does the hard work, and is very open minded when considering ideas on how to continue the improvement path for the State of Iowa.

I wholeheartedly endorse John Wills for his re-election in 2020.

Dave Rowley, Dickinson County

Representative John Wills has been a leading advocate for improving Water Quality, preserving Iowa’s Natural Resources, and balancing our Agriculture needs with the changing environment we live in.  John stays in constant touch with his constituents as well as those who may disagree with him, to encourage dialogue and work within differences.  He has the courage to stand up for conservative values and work with others by examining and understanding both sides of the issues.  John is a friend, a soldier, and a leader who we are proud to have representing House District 1.

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